Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last day in Boston

As Christina has noted, we're almost outta here.

The movers came on Thursday to pack up our stuff and, while it's certainly nice to have somebody pack up your stuff, it is also not without its stresses. In our case, it was having to play a shell game with Zander, moving him from room to room in advance of the [literal] moving front, and making sure our cats didn't escape, terrorized as they were by strange burly men clomping through the house. Getting to our hotel on Thursday night was fun too. We had to transport:

- 1 baby
- 2 cats, in carriers
- 1 baby car seat + base
- 1 stroller
- 1 Pack-N-Play
- 1 large bag of baby accoutrements [clothes, diapers, bottles ...]
- 1 huge bag with our clothes
- 2 large bags of misc. other stuff [cat food, cat litter, disposable litter boxes]
- ... and of course our carry-on bags

... which made me silently vow to not move again with anything/anybody that must be carried, fed, or has special sleeping and excretory needs. And it got better:

- On the way to the hotel, one of the cats decided it really needed to do its business. In case you had any doubts, let me reassure you that

Freshly-minted cat business + car with windows that don't roll down = Totally Not Crazy Delicious

- I didn't have any cash to pay the cab driver, so we had to go find an ATM while poor Christina was left standing in the hotel lobby with a crying baby and a mountain of luggage
- After dumping all the luggage in our room, I was returning the luggage cart to the lobby and was mistaken for a hotel employee by a woman who wanted to know the location of a nearby hotel. I resisted the urge to give her an earful about not every black man pushing a luggage cart automatically being an employee and settled for a curt "Two blocks that way, and, by the way, I don't work here".

Friday was less stressful, as I just had to hang out in our apartment as the movers loaded all our stuff and clean up after them. There's nothing like emptying out your apartment to see all the hidden dirt that is missed during regular cleaning; in our case, I think I swept up enough cat hair to make a whole new cat.

And, so, today is our last day in Boston; we're getting on a 6:20pm flight to Seattle. My next worry is about spending 6 hours elevated 30000 feet above the ground in a small metal tube with 3 entities [2 cats and Zander] that are my responsibility but whose behavior I really have very little control over. All in all, I'll be glad when it's tomorrow :-)

I suppose the flip side of all this is that I don't really have much time to feel sad about leaving ;-)


Anonymous philipj said...

Hop you have a safe (and sane!) flight.

1:09 AM  

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