Monday, August 14, 2006

OMG, that crazy president totally has a blog !

Iranian president Ahmadinejad apparently now has a blog [via BoingBoing]. Between this and his letter to Bush [awesome typo in the translation: the Bush slogan is supposedly "War and Terror"], he's certainly using heretofore non-presidential forms of communication. It almost seems like he's watched one too many movies of the sort where a common-sense "man of the people" who tells it like it is winds up as a politician and then proceeds to turn the established order upside down by departing from precedent and doing things his way [examples: 1, 2]. Maybe he'll set up a MySpace page next so people can "friend" him.

One thing I know for sure after watching an interview with him on 60 Minutes: not a man who should have a nuclear weapon. [Not that I really want anybody to have nuclear weapons ...]


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