Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fatherhood, week 1

[Baby stuff, probably non-interesting unless you're family =)]
Miscellaneous notes, after being a father for a whole week:

- Baby swing = Crazy Delicious Baby-Sleep-Inducing Machine.
- When changing diapers, it's generally a good idea to cover "the equipment" with a wipe, otherwise you may be treated to an in-house version of the Bellagio Fountains. With yellow water, and without the lights and music, though. That said, it's worth -not- taking that precaution just once, to see the look of surprise when he pees himself in the face [No, I didn't do so intentionally, it happened when I accidentally forgot to cap the waterworks.]
- Zander will soon be ready to challenge the strongest boy in the world to a wrestling match and utterly dominate him. Why ? Because, in my unassailable dad logic, I note that he can already lift his head up and turn it while lying on his stomach, something that apparently generally doesn't happen until the second month, and conclude that he must be extraordinarily strong.
- The lack of sleep, and overall stress level, hasn't been as bad as I feared ie we haven't been reduced to bone-tired bundles of nerves [yet]. That's attributable entirely to the fact that Zander is a great "starter baby" for rookie parents -- he sleeps quite a bit, doesn't fuss very much when he's awake, nurses well, and is pretty forgiving of clumsy parents who take a bit too long to change his diapers or clothes.
- One of our strollers has been named Optimus Prime, in view of the fact that it can be transformed from a full-fledged, large stroller into a fairly compact cuboid with the simple press of a button and a small amount of leverage applied in the right direction. It might be possible to turn it into a tandem bicycle with the right series of pushes and pulls. I suspect it was designed by origami masters capable of accessing hidden spatial dimensions.
- My man's got flair even when he's asleep:

In summary, it's pretty cool being a dad. How could you not love a face like that ?


Blogger Lawrence David said...

wow, a belated congratulations on the successful genetics experiment! (that's a wonderful baby photo too!)

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