Saturday, June 17, 2006


After today's Ghana-Czech Republic game, the Czechs better pay their goalkeeper Cech a tidy bundle, because he was the only thing that kept the score from being totally lopsided. I hope the US goal is a bit more ... permeable during Thursday's US-Ghana game.

Oh, and it'd be nice if, the next time Ghana plays, the commentators have more insightful things to say than a continuous permutation of:

- "Wow, what an upset it would be if Ghana won"
- "This could be great for the Americans"
- "Teams that score first in the World Cup have a 26-2-2 record [of going on to win the match]"
- "Ghana seems to be playing much better than they did against Italy"

I mean, seriously, there was an utter lack of technical commentary about what was going on on the field, besides the occasional computer-generated statistic about shots-on-goal or number of fouls.
The last time I actually watched more than 5 minutes of a football match was during the '98 World Cup [I know, I'm a bad German-Ghanaian for not keeping up with football], and I could have announced that game equally well.

In any case: go Black Stars !


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