Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tired just thinking about it

In theory, our Seattle visit was supposed to be relaxing. In practice, because it was so short and we came back on the red-eye, I'm now about as tired, or more so, as when we left. And it's not about to get any better:

- I leave for Synthetic Biology 2.0 on Friday. Before then, I have to finish coming up with questions and a scoring scheme for a final exam, grade 60+ problem sets and update the poster I'll be presenting at the conference.
- Next week is finals week, so it'll be a mad scramble to grade the final exams and figure out final scores for everybody
- I'm going to the Biology Department retreat on June 1st and 2nd.
- Sometime between now and the first week of June, I have to start and finish writing the first draft of my ~20 page thesis proposal so I can give it to Drew for comments.
- June will be devoted to doing experiments to fill in the yawning chasm in the "Preliminary Results" section of my thesis proposal; this will involve learning some experimental protocols that are apparently rather finicky [in plaintext: easy to screw up], and will thus undoubtedly contribute to my prematurely graying hair. In addition, I'll be going over the material from all the classes I've taken so far, to further prepare for my qualifying exam.
- My qualifying exam is July 12th -- ~2 hours of being grilled on my thesis proposal and whatever else my thesis committee members feel like asking.
- As previously noted, I may have to deal with having to find new renters for our place in Seattle sometime in the next couple of months
- Our baby's due date is August 14th, but only 5% of babies are delivered on their due date, so who knows when he'll actually show up. In any case, I expect I'll be a total zombie for at least a couple of months after he's born.

... and with that, we're in November.

I see a lot of Mountain Dew and highly-caffeinated tea in my future.


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