Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Notes from the annual pilgrimage

Christina and I just came back from an all-too-short visit to The Promised Land [aka Seattle]. Trip notes, in no particular order:

- The weather was perfect: sunny and dry in the 60's and 70's the whole time. In contrast, while we were gone, New England got so much rain that it led to the worst flooding in 70 years. Outstanding timing on our part, I'd say.
- The main reason we were in Seattle was a baby shower [for our little-man-to-be]. However, it wasn't the standard baby shower which [I've been led to understand] mostly consists of a group of women sitting in a circle, competing to see how often they can use the words "adorable" and "cute" in reference to baby outfits. Instead, we made it a combination "see all our friends" party/co-ed baby shower by inviting all our friends, male and female to ... sit in a circle and coo about baby stuff. Actually, the cooing was limited to a small part, it was much more a chance to catch up with everybody who came. That said, we did make out like bandits with respect to gifts of baby-related stuff, so a big "Thank You" to everybody who came [and gave us stuff ;-)]. And, of course, another big "Thank You" to Christina's mother and sisters for organizing the shower/party.
- Even after 2 years in Boston, Christina and I are still amazed by the amount of trash littering the streets. Christina kept insisting that Seattle was much cleaner, but I was skeptical -- I figured all cities have trash on their streets, so this time, I made it a point to notice how clean [or not] the Seattle streets are. And, what do you know -- Christina was right. The Seattle streets and sidewalks really are spotless, and not just in the upscale neighborhoods. Even the sidewalk and street outside a liquor store where shady characters tend to hang out were clean. Why the difference ? Do people just not throw litter on the street, does Seattle spend a much larger amount on keeping the streets clean, is it because Boston has had a couple more centuries to accumulate crud ?
- We ate ridiculous amounts of good food [Christina's mum made an amazing strawberry cake that I'll be demanding for my upcoming birthday], so much so that at the end of our visit I actually refused a slice of after-dinner cheesecake, which is pretty much unheard-of. It's time for a bread-and-water diet for a while, now, though.
- The amount of new construction is amazing -- new condos and townhouses are springing up everywhere, in conjunction with a general rise in real estate prices. Good news for us in that our townhouse has appreciated nicely in value, bad news in that it means we'll have to pay more when we want to move into a bigger house to accomodate an expanding family.
- On the subject of real estate, the folks who have been renting our townhouse are considering moving out, which would be a huge pain in the @$$. Trying to find renters from a distance is not something I'm looking forward to at all -- we're really attached to the house and so we want to make sure we don't rent it to bozos who will trash it. Thankfully, friends of ours have offered to help with interviewing renters, and hopefully it'll be relatively easy to find renters if we keep the rent the same as it has been for the last couple of last years [given the general increase in real estate prices].
- You know you're broke when your financial planner declines to charge you for financial advice because he says "Well, it'd be like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip". I think he files us under "charity work" and gets a tax deduction for it.

Pictures to follow once the photographer-in-residence releases them for public consumption.


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