Friday, May 26, 2006

Going forth to TA no more

The final exam has been graded, all scores for the semester tallied up and the rest, namely assigning actual letter grades, is out of my hands: my stint as a teaching assistant is over. And, thankfully, I won't have to do it again, because it was pretty much zero fun. To be more accurate, I kind of liked the "teaching" bit ie answering questions and explaining stuff [with the beneficial side effect of giving me a better understanding of the material], it was the "assistant" bit, making up and grading problem sets and exams, that was a real drag. Especially the occasions when I spent hours coming up with a question [explicitly requested by a professor] for a problem set/exam only to have it discarded because it was too hard/made the exam too long/didn't fit in with the course emphasis after all. I suppose that's part and parcel of working for somebody, though -- god knows I wasted lots of time at Microsoft preparing material requested by my manager, or for "executive reviews", only to have it never looked at, or flipped through in a matter of seconds.

Anyhoo. That's all done, then.


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