Friday, May 26, 2006


Another year gone by, marked by:

- a quite active summer
- classes in statistics and machine learning, and gaining a real appreciation of their use as lenses for interpreting the fuzziness inherent in the real world
- hands-on experience with the grind of daily experimental work
- a scientific conference here and there
- some [mostly administrative, alas] progress towards becoming Dr.Evil.

... and, of course, the absolutely coolest thing: creating our very own little person. I suspect that a lot of what I'll learn in the next year will revolve around thuddingly concrete things like how to change diapers and interpreting the urgent communiques generically encoded like this. Hopefully, this instruction manual will help.

My slogan for 32: "One-third more
action than '24' and 365 times as long !"


Anonymous Mike Shappell said...

Happy birthday!

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Paras Chopra said...

Hey Nerd,

I guess we share similar interests. See my blog on Biohacking at:

8:09 AM  
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