Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You complete me

..., at least my thesis committee. Sort of. As in: I've finally filled out my thesis committee, except for the one wildcard that's going to be assigned to it by the Powers That Be [aka the CSBi graduate committee]. The members are:

- Fred Winston, a "real" biologist and an authority on all things yeast, especially transcription.
- Ernest Fraenkel, with expertise in investigating transcriptional regulatory networks in yeast and whose lab, in collaboration with others, has generated oodles of genome-wide binding data for yeast transcription factors.
- Alexander van Oudenaarden, who, in addition to being a funny professor, has also done a bunch of really nifty "systems biology" research combining experimental and computational approaches.

.. and, of course, the inimitable Drew.

All in all, I'm very happy with it -- I think I have a good mix of professors with experimental and computational expertise, just what the doctor ordered. Add the fact that they're all very nice and hence liable to get along when put in a room together [ie "play well with others"] and I think I'll get some very good feedback and guidance from them.


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