Sunday, April 30, 2006

Two computer-y items

Item one: The keynote speaker at this weekend's CSBi retreat was Alan Crane, the CEO of Momenta Pharmaceuticals, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Bill Gates. The bit that gave me a "glitch in the Matrix" moment was when he started to talk about monopolies, anti-trust and the FTC. Except that, in this case, he was explaining why having the FTC around was a good thing for his company.

Item two: I received a letter from State Farm Insurance, dated 26th April 2006, to inform me that they were terminating automobile coverage for me as of August 3rd 2004. The only way I can explain this occurrence is that whatever passes for a computer system with them got a little ... behind in what it was doing and is finally getting around to cleaning out some old stuff. Talk about resource starvation ... I have this vision of a thread perpetually relegated to the background, getting thinner and thinner until finally, with its dying breath, it managed to get an old rattling printer, in a musty basement somewhere, to spit out the letter I received.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

alex you are way overdue for a post

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