Saturday, April 29, 2006

42'' x 32'' of postery blandness

That poster I was complaining about having to put together ? Yeah. That. Against much internal resistance [and only because I had to], I finally dragged it out of myself, and am going to hem and haw my way through it today at the annual CSBi retreat. AMY, however, is not featured on it, besides a comment in the Conclusions section about having "constructed strains [that we are] characterizing" because AMY101.1 and AMY201.1 are still terra incognita at this point, only having come into being [accompanied by the obligatory maniacal laughter and triumphant "It's alive !" echoing down the halls] in the last couple of days.

The poster is, as I feared/expected, nothing except a list of "things I'd like to do and why they might be interesting." The bigger problem [ie besides the utter lack of results of any sort] is that I find myself rather ... non-excited by the proposed research described on my poster -- it's basically a bunch of standard DNA hacking to better understand the yeast pheromone response pathway. While that's a perfectly respectable line of research, there's nothing particularly "synthetic" about the biology in it, nor much of a computational aspect, especially of the "machine learning" type that I'd like to do.

I need to fix that, and fast, especially given that my qualifying exam and accompanying thesis proposal are in 2.5 months.


Anonymous philipj said...

Lists of things to do are fine. I just went to a single molecules workshop in Japan with a similar poster (here are the mundane things I've (and 100+ others in the past) done to start Real Experiments, and these are said proposed Real Experiments which haven's started yet), and so while it was tricky to get other people interested in my poster, it went fine in the end.

Though, I have to admit, it would be more exciting to have some (any!) results. :)

2:22 AM  
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