Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Numbers, useless

From a story about the man who was unwise enough to be around a Dick Cheney packin' heat:

Dr. David Blanchard, the emergency room chief, estimated that Mr. Whittington had more than 5 but "probably less than 150 to 200" pellets lodged in his body.

That really rules out only 1-5 pellets, but leaves the door open for, say, 20000 pellets because of the artful "probably" dodge in the second half of the estimate. Translation: "I have no clue, but since you insist on me giving you numbers, here they are. Satisfied ?". Kind of like Musharraf's recent take on the likelihood of terrorist fatalities.

[Not that I'm generally in favor of people getting shot but this whole thing still has me chuckling. It would have been even funnier if Cheney had been the one with the indeterminate number of pellets inside him.]


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