Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Feel-good company slogans

Generally, company slogans are designed to inspire trust and make you think that they will share your pain if something goes wrong. The folks at Godfather Racing seem to be aiming for something different; their slogan is "If we lose, you die !". Granted, their target market demographics are skewed towards people who think that "If you're not crashing, you're not riding fast enough !" is actually good advice, but even so, the risk asymmetry in that particular motto should give pause to the most gung-ho racer when deciding whether to buy something from them. Then again, maybe they should be commended for brutal honesty ...

[And, as a minor nit, what's with the machine gun logo ? Were they thinking "What's that movie with the swarthy, Italian-looking guy going crazy with a machine gun and yelling about his 'leetle friend' ? That was 'The Godfather', right ?" Wrong.]


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