Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The end of larnin'

... or at least the end of having to larn' stuff and answer pointed questions about it.

As of noon today, my semester is over. And, with that, I'm pretty much done with the classes I'm required to take. So, no more professors asking me invasive personal questions about things like max-margin classifiers, or what the picture of an electrophoresis gel allows me to conclude about the position of restriction sites on the plasmid etc. At least, not unless I choose to take more classes. [which I probably will because, hey, somebody else is paying for it]. Or until my qualifying exam, which I'll have to take sometime between June and August next year [and whose nature is still rather nebulous -- it's never been administered because my PhD program is brand new ...].

My only other required contact with classes will be when I have to act as a teaching assistant next semester. That's something I'm looking forward to about as much as a root canal, given that I have zero aspirations of ending up as a professor or teacher in any official capacity. That's not to discount the beneficial effects of the fact that it forces one to understand the material better, or because I think it's not an important job. It's just one of those important jobs and/or forcing functions that I wish I didn't have to deal with ;-)

Of course, now I don't have any more excuses to not make any progress on actual research ...


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