Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More gems from statistics class

My stats professor continues to generate priceless one-liners. Today's entries:

An unintended pun, after deciding he was tired of writing down the full formula for something, which involved a random variable:
"I don't really want to continue writing this random stuff"

And the best one yet, after a proof that was utterly opaque:
"I know it's impossible to comprehend what just happened ..."

That one made me laugh out loud, which earned me a few dirty looks from people who must have thought that I was laughing at whoever didn't understand the proof; little did they know that I was totally lost myself and had no clue what I'd just scribbled down. [For the statistically inclined among you, the proof concerned the "uniformly most powerful test for one-side hypothesis testing". I don't even fully understand what that phrase means, let alone the math behind it ;-)].


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