Monday, October 03, 2005

In the spirit of "Go Fug Yourself" ...

Spotted, on a woman in her forties [ie old enough to know better], a necklace whose construction must have consisted of a set of steps like these:

- Find a small animal, say, a terrier
- Kill it, taking care not to damage the ribcage or spinal cord
- Extract the ribcage, sternum and spinal cord, without separating them
- Chop away the sternum
- Cut the spinal cord into pieces such that each section has a rib on each side of it and looks a bit like a boomerang
- File the ends of the ribs to sharp points
- Anodize each piece to a nice shiny black sheen
- Thread pieces on a chain
- Congratulations, you've made an awesome necklace !

I mean, damn. That thing looked like a piece of Klingon battle jewelry.

PS: If you're not familiar with "Go Fug Yourself", take a look here. It actually got a write-up in the WSJ recently -- they must have been hard up for material =)


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