Friday, September 02, 2005

What I did last summer

Well, summer is over, heralded mainly by fact that it's suddenly "buzzier" everywhere, what with all the undergrads and their stressed-out, nervous vibe re-infesting the campus. With that comes the inevitable "How was your summer ?" question; looking back, the last few months have actually been reasonably busy:

- I picked an advisor
- I decided I'd made the right choice in leaving the MS mothership
- I turned 31
- I finally wrote up the story of our honeymoon from hell
- I dislocated my little finger [and it's still not back to normal]
- I looked for a thesis topic
- Christina and I went back to the promised land
- I got to watch a MotoGP race live
- Christina had a photoshow [together with her classmates]
- Christina turned 32
- I picked a different advisor [and am still looking for a thesis topic ...]
- We went to Philly for my brother's housewarming party
- Christina became even more of a photography fiend, taking lots of cool pictures.
Side note: The "Surfer in the big city" pictures earned us a run-in with a few renta-cops who were very concerned about their building being used as a backdrop because of, y'know, security. Obviously, Bad Guys trying to take pictures of a building for nefarious purposes would set up a tripod directly opposite the building [
after all, there's no such thing as a telephoto lens] and really take the time to get the right picture. Only by dint of me obsequiously agreeing that they were doing a very important job, that they were right to be suspicious of us, promising not to include their building in the shot etc did they finally unclench. Lesson: No More Taking Pictures In Downtown Boston -- Our Collective Safety Demands It !
- I learned probability theory by dint of reading through a very good book used in an MIT probability course and actually doing all the exercises in the book, as well as all the problem sets and quizzes that students who took the course had to do. Now I can actually understand questions
that involve fancy phrases like "random variable" and don't involve coins, cards or dice =)

On to year II in The Academy and Beantown.


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