Friday, September 02, 2005

Bibles, yeah, that's just what they need.

From a NYT article about the relief efforts in Louisiana, specifically the people evacuated to Houston:

But in Houston, there were hot showers, crates of Bibles and stacks of pizzas, while in New Orleans, many refugees scrounged for diapers, water and basic survival."

Bibles ? Are you f!cking kidding me ? Whoever brought those "crates of Bibles" should first be smacked around the head with them and then dropped off on top of a flooded house in New Orleans, together with his/her Bibles, since, clearly, a Bible is what refugees from this kind of disaster need most. Because, y'know, now would be a great time to thank the Lord for what he's done for you. Or to find him, so he can protect you from future disasters like this, since he has such a great track record for protecting people who believe in him.


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