Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The sounds of city living

Living in the city, especially in an apartment building mostly populated by people barely out of college, means your auditory environment isn't entirely under your control, and sometimes rather annoying -- loud music, loud people in the stairway at 3 am etc. That's just part-and-parcel of life, though, and generally we just roll with it without getting too upset. Last night, however, set a new record.

It started off with loud music coming from the first floor of our apartment building at 11:30 pm last night, of the BET "Midnight Love" genre -- lots of crooning, vows to forever be faithful, give up the rims, bling, money and life of a playa for the love of a good woman etc. After a few minutes of hoping this was just a temporary spike, we yelled "turn it down" out the window a couple of times, to no avail. Since we were already in bed, I didn't really feel like getting dressed again and I resigned myself to cultivating my Zen mastery by trying to ignore the music and fall asleep.

That plan, however, was quickly discarded when some retards started letting off fireworks on the roof of our building. After lying in bed building up a head of indignant steam for a couple of minutes, I got dressed and charged up to the roof, with visions of finally being able to utter the words "Are you out of your $#@#$^%& mind ?" without remorse. Unfortunately, 'twas not to be -- there was a bit of a party going on up there and I figured storming into that kind of a gathering bellowing abuse was probably not the wisest choice. So, instead I walked up to the people, glared at them and had a brief and to the point exchange with one of them [possibly the hostess ?]:

Me [
in my best frosty-and-pissed-off tone]: "Are you done with the fireworks ?"
Her: "Do you want us to be ?"
Me: "Yes" [other replies like "No, actually I think fireworks at midnight when I'm trying to sleep are great ... of course I want you to be done, you Nimrod" also occurred to me]
Her: "Oh, ok ..."

... and that was the end of the fireworks. Since I was up and dressed already anyway, my momentum carried me downstairs to the apartment from which the loud music was coming. After banging on the door for a while, one of the tenants finally opened the door, was quite apologetic about the music and told her roomate [whose door was closed] to turn it down.

Back upstairs, we got back into bed and heaved a sigh of relief at finally having a reasonably quiet environment. Our celebration was short-lived, however: it turned out that the reason there was loud "Midnight Love"-style music playing was to cover up the actual midnight lovin' that was going on [quite enthusiastically]. I briefly considered going back downstairs and asking for the volume to be turned back up again, but thought that might be a bit much ;-)

Thankfully, this particular bit of noise ... subsided, shall we say, reasonably quickly so we were able to get to sleep. However, I'll have to think hard about asking for quieter music from that particular apartment again ...


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