Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lab switch

I never thought of myself as indecisive, but the last couple of years haven't exactly been stellar for me in terms of consistency -- I seem to have flip-flopped on several important decisions, making one choice, living with it for a while and then changing my choice. Maybe the lesson embedded therein is that very few decisions are really final.

In any case, my latest flip is with respect to labs -- I'm switching out of the Bartel lab and joining Drew Endy's lab to work on some of that crazy, far-out, synthetic biology stuff. That decision is not due to there being anything wrong with the Bartel lab -- I really like Dave Bartel and all the people in the lab. Rather, the switch is
motivated purely by the fact that the Endy lab is a better fit for me in terms of the kind of stuff I most want to work on. So, hey-ho, hey-ho, it's off to design and build synthetic biological systems I go.


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