Wednesday, June 22, 2005

MSN Spaces advertising gone wrong

As PZ Myers points out, this MSN Spaces ad is just unfortunate. It's one thing to say that you're not responsible for the contents of blogs being hosted on your servers, but, c'mon, actually advertising a blog that espouses Intelligent Design ? I can just see the headline now: "Microsoft doesn't believe in evolution !", which would be somewhat at odds with their [also somewhat misguided] dinosaur advertising campaign that urges Office customers to "evolve", which, in plaintext, means "Upgrade to the new version of Office, because we need to keep milking that cash cow". [Honesty compels me to admit that, at least with Outlook, they do have a point -- Outlook 2003 is much better than Outlook XP.]

Blergh. Maybe they should stick to advertising blogs that cover things like "What's on TV". Less chance of an embarrassing gaffe there.


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