Monday, June 27, 2005

"The endurance is strong with this one"

My boy Brandon is officially a Man of Iron -- yesterday, he finished the Coeur d'Alene Ironman, in his first-ever attempt at a full Ironman. Along the way, he racked up some pretty impressive training stats. Having endured that volume of insane training myself for various taekwondo competitions [a stage I am thankfully past ;-)], I can truly appreciate how much mental and physical effort went into it, especially given that he was training alone. At some point, the mental part becomes as hard as, if not harder, than the physical bit -- persuading yourself to roll out of your warm bed at an ungodly hour so you can inflict pain on yourself for the next few hours, for months on end, in sickness and in health, regardless of how much sleep you got, requires a serious commitment, even more so when there's nobody sharing the pain with you. The "why are you doing this ?" question gets louder and louder; at certain points, the best way of dealing with that question is to ignore it and focus on your workout. Obviously not a good long-term strategy, but it'll help get you through the rough spots.

In any case, congratulations, B ! You are The (Iron) Man !


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