Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Craig Venter goes synthetic

Synthetic biology is becoming "real", at least in the sense that actual companies are being founded based on its promise. The first one I heard of was Codon Devices, which has a pretty heavy-hitting board of scientific advisors, consisting of almost all the high-profile names in the field. The second entry into the fray is Craig Venter's latest venture, Synthetic Genomics, which hit the media today with a press release and even got a write-up in the WSJ.

I still think the overall synthetic biology concept is really cool and haven't totally given up on possibly doing something in that area as part of my thesis, despite not joining Drew Endy's lab -- RNA [which my lab specializes in] has already been used in a couple of synthetic bio papers as a way to control gene expression [check out this review if you're interested].


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