Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Punctuated equilibrium

The theory of Punctuated Equilibrium in biological evolutionary theory proposes [among other things] that new species don't evolve gradually; rather, they arise fairly quickly, from a small sub-population of the ancestral species. Thus, there are short periods of instability [during which new species arise] punctuated by long periods of stability [where nothing much happens].

This is just a fancy way of saying that when it rains, it pours.

And it's certainly pouring school-wise for me right now, after a few weeks of a reasonably pastoral, idyllic existence:

- Final quiz for one class tomorrow
- Two problem sets due on Friday
- Final project presentation for a class due Tuesday next week
- Final exam for another class Wednesday next week
- Paper writeup due Thursday next week
- ... followed by another couple of final exams the week of May 16th-20th.

To say nothing of
- the fact that I'm supposed to choose a lab on May 20th or thereabouts, and really need to think hard about this because I'm really interested in basically all the labs I've done rotations with [I'm currently doing a 5th rotation with David Bartel, one of the top folks studying microRNAs] and will need to choose one [or two, if I can come up with a research project that cuts across what both labs are doing].
- not having spent much time with Christina in the last week or so because we've both had a lot of stuff going on.

In summary, I really have much better things to be doing than writing this blog post ;-)


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