Thursday, May 05, 2005

NPR funnies

Being the lefty, pinko communist liberals that we are, Christina and I listen to NPR a fair bit. And sometimes you hear some pretty funny stuff. Two recent excerpts:

- A brief blurb today that some branch of the Homeland Security department wants to use South Boston as a practice ground for "urban combat" this summer. Now, how exactly do you practice urban combat in an real city, not some mock-up constructed in the middle of nowhere ? Anyway, given that South Boston is the [most] Irish part of Boston, I think it may actually be a pretty good place to practice that kind of stuff, since the folks in Southie seem to start working on armed resistance at a pretty young age.

- They [the NPR station in Boston] are running a fund-raiser that's based on getting people to buy flowers for Mother's Day from them. Part of this is various "testimonials" from people that connect their mother and NPR. My favorite one is this [paraphrased]: "I started listening to NPR when I was about 14; my mother introduced me to it. My mother taught me to always examine both sides of an issue and NPR provides me that sort of look at both sides of an issue". Uhm, ok, and by "both sides" you mean the liberal and the really liberal side of an issue, right ?


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