Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mugging by SDS-PAGE gel

Had the final for my Molecular Biology class today. In theory, it was just supposed to be like a third midterm, covering only the last third of the material we talked about in class, and doable in about 2 hours [even though 3 hours were alloted for it]. Given these stated goals, the fact that I did reasonably well on the 2nd midterm and got through the problem sets without major problems, I was lulled into what proved to be a false sense of security. Today's exam definitely wasn't doable [by us, at least ...] in 2 hours and even with the 3 hours we got, I still expect the mean score to be lower than the 55% or so it's been for the last 2 midterms. Oh well. One more exam to go.

[An SDS-PAGE gel is a molecular biologist's favorite experimental tool. It's kind of like the Swiss Army knife of molecular biology tools -- if you can't do it with a gel, you probably don't want to do it.]


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