Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Now that's what I call a capital-E Explanation

In today's episode of "House", when one of the doctors is trying to explain why antibodies to a breast tumor might attack brain cells: "Well, there are molecular similarities between breast cells and brain cells".

Yeah, that must be it. Extensive similarities, even. That aren't present between breast cells and any other cell types. Maybe you could get a silicone brain implant to make you smarter. Or saline, if you're worried about silicone. For that "more natural" feeling of intelligence.

I wish I could get away with hand-waving non-explanations like that sometimes [like on my biology opportunity sets and exams :-)]. Maybe I shouldn't be an actual grad student, but just play one on TV.

[I actually like the show, but I couldn't let this one pass without comment.]


Anonymous Bill Tozier said...

By way of apologia for touting the show in the first place [and I still like it tremendously, though they seem to be showing the episodes in shuffled-cards order], I should point out Barbara's observation: Anybody who lets their residents do the lab tests, all by themselves, in a darkened CAT scan room or electrophoretic lab or something... well, that's just silly. Leaving aside the union folks who'd be walking out about then....

9:31 AM  

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