Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Demonic comedy

In one of the stories in "Season of Mists" [Vol 4 of The Sandman series], Lucifer decides he's tired of running hell, summarily kicks everyone/everything out and locks up the place. [Hey, it's a comic book, I mean, graphic novel. Suspend your disbelief.] Now, some of the demons are pretty upset about getting kicked out and hatch schemes to take back Hell. Here's part of the speech the demon ringleader gives, which had me chuckling:

"This will be a new hell. A forward-looking hell, that recognizes individual worth; in which a daemon can raise its head -- or any other important member -- high"

The speech itself, with its "I have a dream" overtones, is absurd enough, but it was the "or any other important member" bit that really made me laugh.


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