Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Hunt For Red Eggtober

Since we don't get to spend Easter with Christina's family, like we've done the past few years, Christina and I made ourselves an Easter basket, colored some eggs and put on our own Easter egg hunt. I was originally a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to find the eggs she'd hidden, but that's because I was ignorant of the rules: apparently, you have to hide the eggs in such a fashion that they can be found by little kids ie sort of in plain sight [if you know where to look] but odd places. This means you have to exploit "natural" camouflage, like putting the egg on a surface that matches its color. Maybe next year we'll expand the rules and allow things like enclosure in a single container [eg a drawer]; anything more than that, and I think you start getting into "Ok, this isn't fun anymore, just frustrating" territory.

The best part about all this, of course, is all the candy in the basket. Colored eggs are cool and all, but the high concentration of chocolate, marzipan and gummy race cars [Haribo rules !] is really the key part of an Easter basket.


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