Sunday, February 13, 2005

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate !

Last night, while Christina and I were on our way to have dinner with some friends, we saw a truly scary thing: identical twins, dressed exactly alike [purple hat with dangly bits, fluffy gold-brown coats, black leggings, reddish sneakers on disproportionately large feet], carrying the same shopping bag ... and they were women in their fifties.

Here is a sketch of them, courtesy of the court artist [aka Christina]:

[see, Christina is so good she doesn't even need a camera to take pictures ;-) Her blog shows some of the interesting pictures she's taken, together with humorous and/or educational commentary]

While dressing twin babies in the same clothes is reasonably cute, it's rather disturbing to see adults that are still dressing exactly the same. You wonder why they didn't develop separate personalities and why they're still content to be mirror images of each other. The only theory I could come up with was that they were a little "special" and lived with each other so they could take care of each other. However, that theory wasn't really supported by a bit of their conversation which I overheard: they were discussing the merits of various makers of LCD screens, with one of them making the bold statement that Sony is overrated. Somehow, not exactly a topic of conversation you expect between two women in their fifties, let alone between, well, mirror images. The speech patterns of their conversation were interesting too: they talked with the same cadence, responding at the same intervals, a bit like a metronome.

Things like this make me wish I had the social graces that would have allowed me to start talking to them and figuring out what their story was.


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