Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Staying in touch with what's "going on" [so to speak]

"Watching Fewer Than 4 Hours of TV A Day Impairs Ability To Ridicule Pop Culture".

It's funny and uncomfortably accurate at the same time, in the sense that parents who want to be in any way conversant with what their kids are talking about probably have to spend a fair bit of time actively seeking out the media outlets their kids use. Now you could argue that that's always been the case ie that kids have always gotten their "news" and topics of conversation from things that adults don't know much about, but I think the disconnect is probably getting worse because there are so many other outlets [or inlets, as the case may be ...] now, and they're multiplying quickly. That said, maybe the current generation of parents is technically savvy enough to be able to also adjust quickly to the rapid emergence of new forms of media. As usual, only time will tell.


Blogger Corey said...

Dim parent, son
Set parent = LifeScript.CreateObject("LifeScript.Lesson")
Set son = LifeScript.CreateObject("LifeScript.Lesson")

If parent.Yugio <> son.Yugio Then
parent.Yugio = ResearchIt "Yugio"
End If

Call SpeakToSon(parent.Yugio)

5:30 PM  

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