Monday, December 13, 2004

Short, and to the point

As I mentioned in my last post, I just sent off my application for an NSF Graduate Fellowship. Part of the application process was having to write essays answering awkward, impolite questions like "Tell us what you'll do with our money if we give it to you". The nerve of these people ;-)

My answer to that particular question ended with me describing why MIT was a good place to conduct the research I'm interested in, namely that there are several professors here who can help me out. A friend of mine read my essay and had this to say:

I like the conclusion, which could also be titled "Why I'm not just some punk off the street asking for loot":

1. I'm at MIT, fool
2. There are some really bad, bad cats who have my back on this

... and that's about as good a summary as one could wish for =)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Works for me -- you've got the grant all but sewn up. I will be looking out for you at the NSF:


1:20 AM  

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