Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Seattle vrs Boston: not even close

Right after undergrad, I spent a year in Boston, working for Sapient. And I actually liked Boston. When I moved to Seattle, I often thought "Gee, this place would be perfect if you could replace the city of Seattle with the city of Boston, but keep the surroundings ie the lakes, mountains etc".

Now that I'm back in Boston, I realize that my affection for it was probably based a lot on the fact that
I was getting a real paycheck for the first time, I didn't really see much of it [because I was working a lot], and when I did go out, I spent a lot of time in bars, hanging out with the hard-drinkin' folks at Sapient. In other words, there wasn't much about the city itself that I liked, it was more that I liked my lifestyle, independent of the city and surroundings per se.

I find myself missing Seattle a lot. A lot of this is stuff that I didn't consciously recognize but that bubbled to the top when Christina pointed it out [not surprisingly, she's much more perceptive about feelings than I am ;-)]. We miss the wide-open views, seeing mountains in the distance, and lots of open water; seeing lots of green, living plants even in the middle of winter; living in a city where people aren't rude, where leaning on your car's horn is viewed as a last resort, not the first; where the cost of living isn't insane and which just isn't as grimy as many East Coast cities seem to be. Personally, I miss driving across Lake Washington in the morning and watching the fog rise off the lake; in the summer, it was always fun to ride across the bridge on my motorcycle, feel the breeze coming off the lake, smell the water and watch waterskiers throw up roostertails of sparkling water. In summary, we both don't understand why the whole nation doesn't just pack up and move to Seattle =) . It's much more of a rude shock for Christina, giving that it's the first time she's lived anywhere else. She's mostly grinning and bearing it, though, trooper that she is, but she's definitely agitating for getting out of here as quickly as possible and I'm with her all the way.

Halfway through my first year and we're already tired of Boston. It's going to be a long 4-5 years ;-)

[Of course we miss friends and family as well, but that'd be the case regardless of where we moved to ...]


Blogger Affable said...

I know *exactly* what you mean. I never appreciated Seattle until I moved away from it, in my case to the midwest. Random sampling of places to live (CA, IL, PA, friggin' UK) has helped me determine that there is in fact no finer place to hang your hat than Seattle.

It would be interesting to see what someone from Boston says when they move out to Seattle :)

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