Sunday, December 26, 2004

The little machine that could: the ZX Spectrum

This song about the ZX Spectrum [song link off Scoble's blog] brought back a lot of memories. The ZX Spectrum was my first computer; I initially bought it with 16K of RAM and then upgraded [oooh, aaah !] to 48K. I mostly played games on it but the only games I made it all the way through were "The Hobbit", an adventure game based on Tolkien's book, and the unfortunately-named "Penetrator", one of the venerable side-scrolling-and-jumping-and-or-shooting games. Manic Miner [check out this site for some screenshots -- I think I'm going to download the game and try it =)] also rocked, but somehow I never spent enough time at it to get past the first 4-5 levels. The problem was that pretty much all my games were, ahem, "second-hand", with no instruction manuals [so I didn't know what the point of the game was] and I was in Ghana, so I didn't have anybody to ask.

That little machine, with its rubbery keyboard, reliance on loading from cassette and whopping 48K of memory, rocked.

[Adam, I believe you also have some fond memories of this little machine, no ?]


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