Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"Crossfire" hosts get caught in crossfire

Or, more accurately, in sniper fire, coming from the phenomenally accurate Jon Stewart [the host of the "Daily Show", a satire news show] when he appeared as a guest on their show a couple of days ago. He tore into them, telling them that they had a responsibility, being on a real news channel like CNN, to stop playing the partisan hack game and actually have reasoned debate about the political issues. Of course the hosts bristled at this but he pretty much reduced them to tears, especially Tucker Carlson, who just got handed his @$$ on a silver platter. The amazing thing about this is that he managed to be funny while handing out a verbal good ol' behind-the-woodshed beating to people who are presumably supposed to be pretty good at repartee themselves.

The best way to appreciate how brilliant he was is to go find one of the many videos of this segment floating around on the net [google "jon stewart crossfire"]; be warned, however, that it's 36Meg and may take a while to download. If you don't have the patience or bandwidth for that, check out the transcript on CNN.

Jon Stewart is my hero.


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