Thursday, October 21, 2004

Christina and I Reverse The Curse

Could it possibly be a coincidence that the year Christina and I move to Boston is the year the Red Sox make it to the World Series, beating the hated Yankees in the process ? I think not. I think Christina and I are solely responsible for Reversing (Part Of) The Curse. And we did it without really thinking about it, only getting sucked into the Red Sox frenzy slowly. Imagine what we could do if we really put our minds to it ...

It's been pretty interesting being in Boston over the last couple of weeks.
A couple of weeks ago pretty much all I knew about baseball was that there was a guy with a club (yes, yes, I know technically it's called a bat) trying to hit a small ball travelling in excess of 80 miles an hour. Now, I actually know what it means when the "bases are loaded" and other such esoteric terms. That increase in knowledge is due to the fact that the entire city, and I do mean entire city, is insane about the Red Sox, and not just since the playoffs started. We noticed it when we first moved to Boston -- every second person was wearing some bit of Red Sox paraphernalia, and it's only gotten more intense. We were at a restaurant a couple of days ago where somebody had brought in a portable radio to listen to the game and the waiter kept coming by and announcing the score. That kind of enthusiasm just sucks you in so that you can't help but start being interested. Over the last week, I think pretty much everybody has had a continuous string of late nights, staying up until all hours to watch the games against the Yankees; this morning even my professor looked a bit tired and rumpled.

I wonder whether it's going to be the same once the World Series actually starts or whether the city is so emotionally drained from the Yankees games that the actual World Series will be anticlimactic. Personally, I've become a Red Sox fan -- any team that refuses to quit as much as these guys did is my kind of team, so I hope they fully Reverse The Curse and win their first World Series in 84 years. Take that, Bambino !


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