Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Albino squirrel sighting

While talking a walk around Jamaica Pond yesterday, Christina and I were treated to the the sight of an albino squirrel -- full-on white fur and pink eyes. While they're not quite as cool as white tigers (which, btw, actually aren't albinos), they do have a few advantages:

1. you can see them in their natural habitat
2. you're much less likely to get mauled by one when you encounter them in the wild
3. they're more active than big cats, who tend not to do much other than sleep and eat, at least in zoos
4. you can feed them peanut butter and bread, which is much less expensive than the tons of meat required to keep a tiger sated.

These little critters are apparently somewhat of a local celebrity -- google "albino squirrel jamaica" and you'll get quite a few hits. Here are some pictures of them, off the first link that came up.

Just another little JP discovery that improves my already high opinion of our neighborhood [which Christina gets all the credit for picking].


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