Friday, September 10, 2004

It's confirmed: biochem is going to put the hurt on me

The first problem set for my graduate biochemistry class was just posted, and has exposed the depth of my ignorance. From a brief look at the questions, I don't even understand what's being asked in about 60% of them, so first I have to go figure out what the hell they want to know and then I get to start on actually figuring out the answer. Most of the problems seem to be of the "Design an experiment to determine X" or "Explain the apparently anomalous results of experiment Y" type, which is rather problematic for me, given that I know virtually nothing about the techniques used or the design and interpretation of experiments in biology.

The only saving grace, and admittedly it's a very big one, is that the problem sets in this class aren't actually graded. But I still have to do them or I'm going to get slaughtered on the exams.


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