Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Similarities between the Big Dig and Longhorn

Boston's new motto should be "Construction -- it's everywhere you want to be." It seems as if, inspired by the Big Dig, the folks in city government suddenly decided "Hey, everything is screwed up anyway because of the Big Dig, nobody will notice if we start up all the other construction projects we've been putting off for a while." There is construction absolutely everywhere, and it mostly seems to consist of digging up perfectly good streets and then filling them back in and leaving them looking much worse for the wear, with no obvious improvement. In the meantime, chaos reigns supreme.

I must confess that parts of this remind me a bit of Longhorn, Microsoft's next OS. There are "Big Dig"-like parts of Longhorn, like WinFS [a new storage technology] and Avalon [a new UI platform] ie major revamps of huge chunks of the operating system. And, inspired by this, a lot of other teams basically decided "Hey, if they get to really replumb everything, why shouldn't we do the same ?", as a result of which for a while Longhorn was basically shorthand for "a constantly-morphing set of features that nobody can make any progress on because it's so intertwined that everything depends on everything else and everything else is undergoing revolutionary change. Oh, and we want to ship it in 2 years." It was starting to settle down a bit before I left, but I suspect that there's a lot more settling to be done.

PS: I believe this last paragraph is technically an instance of "leaving the tent and p!ssing back in", but I don't think that it really qualifies as full-blown micturition [isn't the internet amazing ? you can find a graphic of anything ...].


Blogger Corey said...

Times like this make me wish I didn't know the term "boundary testing". Alas, curiosity killed the cat...


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