Sunday, August 29, 2004

See, there's definitely no crying in Taekwondo

In the Olympic gold medal match of the men's over-80kg Taekwondo weight class, the Korean fighter knocked out his Greek opponent. I can think of at least three reasons why that must have sucked:

1. Getting kicked in the head by a 6'3" guy in prime physical condition who actually knows how to kick would hurt a lot.
2. Getting knocked out in the gold medal match, front of your home crowd, on the last day of the Games, after there have been several drug scandals involving your country's athletes, by a guy 4 inches shorter than you, has to make you feel like you let your country down a bit.
3. And, last but not least, when your opponent says

``My left leg is not very strong. I was busy defending myself and he stepped on me with his right foot, so I kicked him with my left foot without realizing that I knocked him out,'' he said

you gotta feel even worse.

But, and this is the good part -- the Greek guy was gracious about it, and even had a sense of humor about it:

``The truth is I don't remember much,'' he said. ``It all happened so quickly. I started with a lot of enthusiasm and it seems I paid for it.''

Now that's good sportsmanship.

[All this, btw, comes from this article]


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