Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Opportunity lost ...

Do you ever think of the perfect comeback a split second after you've issued a lame riposte ? If you don't, well, you're special. Me, I'm not that special -- I had the chance to really confound somebody yesterday and missed it, and I'm still kicking myself. Here is what should have happened:

[Phone rings]
Me: Hello ?
(Spanish-speaking) Caller: Hola, Blanca ?
Me: No, negro
Caller: [confused silence]

Here is what did happen:

[Phone rings]
Me: Hello ?
(Spanish-speaking) Caller: Hola, Blanca ?
Me: Uhm, I think you have the wrong number
Caller: Oh, sorry.
[Caller hangs up]
[I think of the "No, negro" comeback 1.52 seconds too late]

*Sigh* Such opportunities are so rare, you gotta seize them when they happen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah Alex, as your former HR partner...I taught you better! Thank you for not being so quick on your feet...see ya!

4:43 PM  

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