Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Oh, the things you'll hear

More random subway conversation snippets:

The metrosexual:
Man, talking on cellphone, describing himself to somebody he's supposed to meet: Yes, I'm wearing a marigold shirt.
Me [thinking]: Oh, is that what that color is ? I thought it was orange.

The woeful mismatch:
[Young man gets on train, carrying thick paperback]
Young girl/woman: Hey, what book are you reading ?
Young man: It's Hitler's "Mein Kampf".
YW: What's that about ? [or something along those lines]
YM: Well, it's about Hitler. Though he was an evil guy, I'm reading it because I think there was something fascinating about him, that he was able to convince so many people to follow him.
YW: Uhm, yeah, ok ... [turns to girlfriend] What was the name of that perfume again ? "Romantic Kiss" ? That smelled lovely.
... and that was the end of that conversation.

The silent, but very meaningful conversation:
Rather, uhm, tough-looking young man is on train. Another young man gets on, "blinged-out" and wearing a doorag, baseball cap and baseball T-shirt.
YM1: [some gang sign] (side note, if you follow the link: why does a Jesuit university have a tutorial on gang signs ??)
YM2: [some other gang sign]
... staredown until one of them gets off the train ...
[Christina and I speculated how they would have reacted if somebody had walked up to them and starting talking in sign language ...]


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