Friday, August 13, 2004

Nerds are like snowflakes ...

... each one is unique and special. That's the conclusion Christina came to after having had a few opportunities to observe the indigenous fauna of the MIT campus, a true nerdologists paradise. Her theory is that the amazing variety of observed nerd appearance can be attributed to a very simple principle: the total lack of fashion sense in nerds. This leads to them being dressed in a semi-random combination of clothing, with the only major restriction being that all relevant body parts have to be covered in some fashion -- other factors, such as fit, color, lack of holes etc are ignored. Combining these selection principles with the wide variety of ill-fitting clothing usually possessed by nerds generates the huge range of variation commonly observed.

Christina is also experiencing a budding fondness for MIT nerds in general. To her, nerds are "like classic cars. They're utterly useless to you, but you appreciate them because they're such a pure expression of nerd-dom that you can't help but like them."

[All this is good news for me, given that I'm about to really nerd out for the next few years]


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